Minggu, 18 Maret 2012

My holiday story !!

      I think first my holiday will be bored but the real is not!! Yeah, I’m so happy ! very happy. At 10th January 2012 I’m trip to bandung with my bestfriend. Her name is Dwi Pamularsih. I called her is Dwi. She is a good girl but sometimes she is a prankster, “lol”. She is my classmate too. Before one day  we go, we’re must package somethingthat must be taken;clothing, thoothbrush, soap, shampoo, make up, camera and anything we need. To go to Bandung I must meet her at city station. It's really a struggle to reach the city station . Because from my house I must go to by bus to pocin station. and this is my first by train alone. First I’m scare, very scare but I always ask from people in there. It was fun! After wait the train, finally the train is come. Yeah yeah! I’m enjoyed along away. I’m wearing the earphone, so, not too bored. Finally I’m arrived at city station. After we meet, we must go to Dwi’s house. We’re go by bus. And then before we go to bandung, we’re must lunch in order not to starve. After it's all over , we start go. We’re go by bus again to arrived bandung.
          Finally we’re arrived in bandung, at south cimahi. So, tired this away. we needed take a rest. at 8.00pm we’re a dinner  and after dinner we’re watched tv. And  talking about who someone love me??? Hahaha. We can share about anything we like. It’s stupid sounds but it’s so fun! Hehehe. At  11.47pm we’re go to sleep. First day in Bandung we’re wake up at 9.35am. we have planed to round Bandung in this day. We’re go with two new friends her name is Farah and His name is Herdi. They’re a good friend. First we’re go to Dago by bus, next BIP mall, BIC mall, and ciwalk. Farah tell me what's around trip. When I look a building yang cukup luas, I ask Farah “what is that place??” I think that is Mall, Farah say’s “no! that is a ITB (Institud Teknik Bandung)”. Oh, I know that! It’s so famous. Wow, it’s so far-flung. Cause the day had afternoon we must go back home. We need a long time to arrived at home because so stuck.  Ahh, I hate this!!
          We arrived at home at 9.23pm. ohh, it’s make me so tired. When Arriving at home, hurried off to sleep a dinner with Dwi. After dinner we talk again but just  sebentar. We’re bergegas go to sleep. Along three days, my mom is called me by phone. I must go back in Jakarta cause any something I must to do. Dengan cukup kecewa we must go back tomorrow in Jakarta. Before we go in Jakarta, I want buy something to my family. We going to ciwalk, I buy something, after we buy something we needed lunch. We’re lunch at pizza hut-ciwalk. When we’re walking to go back I ask my wallet. Dwi say’s “nothing in my bag”,me ”really?” oh, no!!! “I was surprised” where is my wallet?? I think my wallet is past when I stay in toilet. And finally we’re go back to ciwalk. I’m so panic. I’m go back entry in toilet and ask the office boy. And turns my wallet is passed when I exit. A Office boy telling me that my wallet is in the post security. Then I put my wallet “I was very careless”. “knock-knock my had” ahh, stupid stupid stupid!!. And finally we’re go back to home. And then we’re go to bus station to go to Jakarta. And finally I’m arrived at my sweet home at 08.27pm. although tired but  it’s real happy holiday.

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